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Beth in Sabine Be

Beth is BE-yootiful in Be Geek by Sabine Be.  We love the fresh and crisp look of the white and peach combo.

Olaronke in Anne et Valentin

Olaronke wears this avant-garde design by Anne et Valentin X Pierre-Louis Mascia with panache! The Lyrics concept celebrates independence and playfulness. Each limited-edition titanium frame is meticulously crafted in Japan.

Lindsey in THEO

We love the iconic round shape of the Mille+88 by Theo Eyewear. Lindsey snagged one of the few pairs made in limited-edition Havana tortoise.

Stacy in Sospiri

Green sparkle cat-eyes for the win! This design is captured perfectly on Stacy by Jesse's magic markers.

Lisa in Theo Eyewear

Eye contact is more important than ever, and we look forward to helping you find a look that will upstage your mask. Our very own Lisa looks lovely in Theo Eyewear. Artwork by Jesse Changa    

Sharon in Theo Eyewear

It's more marker magic from Jesse, featuring Sharon in Theo Eyewear.

Rachele in Anne et Valentin

Our resident marker maven, Jesse, created this radiant portrait of Rachele in Anne et Valentin.

Lauren in Anne et Valentin

Lauren's picture perfect look has been captured by Jesse Changa's magic markers. The Capella is just one fab style in a series of petite designs by Anne et Valentin.

Jesse in Blake Kuwahara

Here's our lovely and talented Jesse in a self-portrait in her favorite Blake Kuwahara specs!

Sandra in ANNE et VALENTIN

We adore this style on Sandra. The FOLLOW is handmade in France, and features an unexpected combination of angles and smooth lines. The look is thoroughly original and quintessentially Anne et Valentin.