Trunk Show

February 9th and 10th

It’s that Theo-riffic time of year–when we get to see what those mad wizards of eyes have been brewing up in Antwerp.

Theo is truly a collection for folks who celebrate, and even treasure the magical devices we perch on our nose to help us see with clarity.

A trunk show is the best way to get up-close and personal with the designs and see every glorious color and shape.

Jefferson Square
Friday, Feb 9
1601 W. 38th St.
Austin, TX 78731


Arboretum Market
Saturday, Feb 10
9722 Great Hills Trail
Austin, TX 78759



NeonKowloon, Seoul, London, Tokyo, Las Vegas. Nightfalls over the cities. The people in the streets are unaware of what hangs over them. An odorless and invisible gas slowly creeps through glass tubes and mixes with helium, krypton, argon and xenon. A sudden gas discharge causes a bright light in the tubes. Bright colors splash from the street walls and billboards: it is the glowing neon light advertisements that cast their glow on the faces of passers-by.So do Mong Kok, Myeong-Dong, Piccadilly, Shinjuku and Strip. The five models of theo’s new Neon family. The warm glow and luminous colors of the frames make the eyes behind them shine during the day and the dark!

theo makes you glow!

Theo for Kids!

For the first time, theo is launching its own series of children’s glasses!⁠

⁠All those years, children have seen their parents and grandparents wearing trendy and flashy theo glasses. At last, they can now enter the world of theo with their own colorful children’s glasses. This is how theo realizes his vision: from now on, the entire family is a member of the theo family and together they form one community.⁠

⁠Kiekeboe (Peekaboo). That’s more than that exclamation when you suddenly appear. Kiekeboe is the family that Antwerp cartoonist Merho has created. Merho, a theo fan himself. It was love at first sight when theo co-founder Wim Somers bought the first Kiekeboe comic book. The theo family has grown up with the Kiekeboe’s, and from now on, the Kiekeboe family and the theo family have become one big community. A milestone in the journey back to the future.⁠

⁠Welcome to theo’s children’s eyewear paradise! With the new Kiekeboe models Fanny, Froe Froe, Joeksel, Kiekeboe, Charlotte, Marcel and Nopel you are now part of our family!⁠An early start makes you look smart!⁠

With theo, everything is alright at first sight! ⁠

Painter’s Palettes
© 2023 Alain Six for ID6o10

A flock of birds above the cornfield, a drip-painting (Pollock), a famous face (Warhol), geometric grid designs (Morris), a space-color composition (Huszàr), an abstract form (Picasso)… They are all originating from the palette of their creator. The painter’s palette forms the basis for the chemistry of colors. Vincent knew that, brother Theo saw that, and we at theo are doing that, in our quirky artsy way. Like painters, we are putting one layer of color over the other and thus creating a new color, but with a dazzling transparency. Because, with us, 1+1=3 counts.⁠