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Chris in Rigards

From natural horn to sterling silver, RIGARDS frames have forged an instantly recognizable style that combines offbeat aesthetics with a quiet elegance. No less compelling are their signature finishes, imparting nuance and character to the frames. Eyewear connoisseur Chris looks fab in Rigards' interpretation of an aviator. With spirited craftsmanship and unique use of traditional materials, Rigards creates heirlooms for the modern era.


Did you know that we can customize the frame of your dreams? James' buffalo horn design by TOM DAVIES has been tailored to suit him perfectly.

Michelle in TD TOM DAVIES

Michelle looks fabulous in custom horn specs by TD Tom Davies. Buffalo horn is ultra-light, hypoallergenic, and available in colors only found in nature. Fun fact: every couture horn frame by TD Tom Davies comes with a matching ring or set of cufflinks!